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My name is Nicholas, and I like to share things I love.


I am 14 years old. 

I love nature, video games, and graphic novels.

I live with my little sister and my mom and baba. 

Over the years, my homeschooling has been creative writing and nature journaling. And when I was 8, I wrote and published my first health guide for children and began selling nationwide. I have enjoyed meeting other children from all over the country and discussing our health. 

Children need to talk to EACH OTHER about health because we talk to each other about everything else we like, and health is one of the most important things a person could have. 

I wrote the guide with my mom's help because I know many things about health that other children do not, and I want to share what I know.  I believe everyone is born with a purpose. I don't know exactly what mine is, but I see that a part of it is sharing what I know with others. 

This guide teaches children about healthy foods, avoiding unhealthy foods, and many things about their organs. 

I hope you enjoy my guide and website, learn a lot, and are inspired to write your own stories and books. 

Thank you for visiting the site. 

~ Nicholas 

You can purchase
my health book here!


Graphic Novel Course

You can purchase my graphic novel course here:

Thank you for supporting my pre-sale; the projected launch date is May 12th.


This offering will shine a bright light on the genre from the POV and voice of a teen and give all sorts of examples of how GNs can be used for many reasons, from good old recreational reading to improving your processing and comprehension to learning about non-fiction topics.

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